Bible in a year: Genesis 23:1-24:51, Matthew 8:1-17, Psalm 9:13-20, Proverbs 3:1-6

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How prepared are you to move on to your higher level? Have you taken heed to instructions for your upward and forward movement? In order to survive and prosper at your higher level, you will need to take on higher energy, develop higher capacity, employ higher strategy and submit to higher training. Begin to work on developing higher energy for capacity level. The higher you desire God to move you, the more you need to make room for the new level. Take on exercises, assignments and responsibilities to move up. God intends that you represent Him adequately at higher levels of life. So if you are not building capacity, you are not preparing yourself. The next level may overwhelm you.

Higher levels come with higher devils, so you must develop a higher spiritual capacity to stand to face stronger enemies and stronger spiritual oppositions than you are currently faced with. Higher levels will present you with higher problems needing higher strategy to solve; higher levels will expose you to tougher situations of life that requires more substance and solutions melted out in a short time. You will have shorter time to make more critical decisions and you need a heightened sensitivity and more intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit than you currently have. Do not confess in vain, put in your leg work.

Increase your capacity deliberately before higher demands comes. It is your preparation that reveals your expectation. Beloved, you must therefore make up your mind not to fail your testimony at the junction of your preparation. Do you want to start a school or a business? Have you made any research about it? You obviously should not assume you will have a higher level living at a lower level standard. You must know what to do and then equip yourself. The Christian that will survive in this current world must be a Christian that is a spiritual technocrat. What natural strategy are you familiar with? It will fail at a higher level. So you must begin a process to exchange your inadequate plans/strategies.

God will pace you ahead of a higher level through higher training but you must set your eyes on passing the tests of God to be eligible for the higher level. If the higher level will not expose you as a failure, you must prepare. So move yourself from the fringe of your convenience into the performance of the promise of God for you.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for enlargement of capacity and grace to get prepared for the higher level living you have destined for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.