3) Elijah and Elisha.
Elisha served Elijah faithfully and allowed himself to be mentored correctly. As a result, he did many great things for God with his life. However, he did not apply the same mentorship structure to Gehazi. He allowed Gehazi to make the mistakes that Elijah had prevented in his own life and this led to Gehazi’s failures in destiny. 
There are many young men and women today who claim to be called into ministry at one level or the other. Unfortunately, many of them do not prepare and immediately hit the ground running with “their call”. Not long after this, they begin to realise that they do not really know what they are doing. They have a lot of unanswered questions: where to go, when to go and who to go with. No matter who you are or the level of talent or anointing you believe you possess, any call you perceive upon your life is first a call to training. 
Moses had to be trained. He did not arrive at greatness on his own; he had to go through many years of rigorous training. Paul the Apostle had to be trained. Even Jesus our Lord and saviour, who was filled with the Holy Spirit beyond measure, had to be trained and had to grow before he could manifest to the world. If all these great men had to go through training for their destinies to manifest, then how much more you and I?
PRAYERLord, link me up with my destiny mentors and open my heart to learn from and imitate them. Amen!

BIBLE IN A YEAR: Deuteronomy 29:1-30:20, Luke 11:37-12:7, Psalm 78:1-31, Proverbs 12:19-20