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Every man in life is traveling towards the best because, the plan of God for every man is to be the best in life so he always allows and plans that the best should always be ahead of us. So the more you travel on this journey of life the more the best that is present there. The God we are serving is a God that always takes His own children from small things into greater things in life. One thing I have learnt over the years is that God will never take you from somewhere high to a lower stage in life.

Conceiving your future is one of the great things that God always gives to his children first in life after entering into the kingdom. God will always give you a vision because a man without a vision is a dead man; he is going nowhere. Many people perish because of lack of vision so you must have a vision to become something in life. Have it at the back of your mind that as a Christian, it’s God that gives vision and not anybody else. We see in this passage that Joseph had a dream, God showed him what he would become in life, he conceived it and did everything to ensure that the dream came to pass; he believed so much in the dream that he had and dared to face it with everything that it was going to cost him. So, believe in your dreams in life.


Always be filled with your future because your life goes in the direction of your vision. Ask yourself what the size of your vision is. The vision that is inside you is the light that is lightening your spiritual path in life. So, conceive your future inside you because that is the real person you are and do everything to bring the vision into reality. Immediately when Joseph had the dream he recognized he was going somewhere and everything about him changed. The day you know or recognize your vision, everything changes. Your future is not effective until you change to the right thinking about it. No matter what God has in stock for you, if you don’t conceive it, it cannot happen.

Prayer: Lord, I receive the revelation of your vision for my life and the help to have the right thoughts and action towards it.

Bible in a year: Lamentations 3:1-66, Hebrews 1:1-14, Psalms 102:1-28, Proverbs 26:21-22