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One of the goals and the mission of the spirit of prosperity in your life is to make you independent of your natural circumstances to accomplish your divine assignment. God will not hold us responsible according to the financial ability of the country we live in but according to what we do with his ability given to us by His spirit. God will not say that He understands the state of the economy of the country you live in. The question God will ask is what did you do with the Holy Ghost He gave you? So when a married woman says that her husband is a cousin of the devil, the Lord will ask her what she did with the Holy Ghost that He gave her? Greater is he that is in you than the spirit that is in that man, you could have subdued that spirit’. 

 The great woman of Shunem became great in an uneven place. Shunem means uneven place. She became great in the midst of failure. She had a bad husband, a very weak man yet she made it. When you begin to blame someone for your state, the spirit of poverty has taken hold of you. One of the things that you must deliver yourself from for the spirit of prosperity to take hold with you is the act of finding an excuse for failure and non-performance. 

If you read the two parables that God gave in Matthew 25: one is the parable of the virgins and the other is the parable of the talents. Two positions that Christians should occupy on the earth is waiting for him and working with what he gave us. In the parable of the talents, each of them got something. Each of us has something. God has empowered us to a portion on this planet and that is what the spirit of prosperity is designed for and the spirit of poverty wants to steal what God gave to you, blind your eyes to it like that woman that the creditors came to take her children in 2 Kings 4. “What do you have in the house?” She said nothing. What do you have that you think it is nothing?


You hear poor people say nothing! Nothing! Nothing! The bible says that there is plenty of food in the tillage of the poor (Proverbs 13:23); tillage of the poor not tillage of the wealthy. Blindness is a major weapon of the spirit of poverty. Not physical blindness but blindness of vision; inability to see beyond your nose. 

Prayer: Lord, I receive deliverance from every blindness of vison orchestrated by the spirit of poverty in Jesus name. I am free of every attack that hinders men from maximizing their destiny in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Ezekiel 7:1-9:11, Hebrews 5:1-14, Psalm 105:1-15, Proverbs 26:28