Beloved Servant of God,
Greetings of love in Jesus name!

You are specially invited to the upcoming Annual School of Ministry (ASOM) 2017.
Date: 8th - 11th Feb. 2017. (Wednesday-Saturday)
Time:5pm -9pm-Wednesday 
Thursday & Friday-8am-2pm, 5pm-9pm

This year's ASOM is peculiar because I had a vision of the Lord where God revealed to me the Theme :THE MINISTRY OF THE SPIRIT... THE COST OF  IT!

Joining me and my wife to minister are these anointed servants of God-Rev. (Dr.) Francis Olonade &Rev (Dr) John Akpami. 

The Venue is the Dream Centre HQs, Osogbo, Osun State.
Be there... All things are ready!

God bless you!
Rev. Olusola Areogun

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There are two kinds of anointing; the anointing upon and the anointing within. Let me take some time to explain them to you. I also showed you earlier that the major mistake that Samson made was that he did not pay attention to the strength of God inside him. He was living his life by the anointing upon his calling and not through the outflow of life that comes from a life of consistent walk and fellowship with the Lord. As it were, he enjoyed ministering to the people without ministering to the Lord. The Lord will prefer that you minister to Him than you minister to the people.

The Anointing Upon

i. It comes with the calling and destiny of God for a man: This anointing comes with the call of God. That was the anointing that was noticed upon Samson in Judges 13:24-25. It is restricted to those that carry specific call of god upon them.

ii. It is a divine donation of God: This anointing is a divine donation of God. A man does not have to pray for it before it comes. It comes with the calling.

iii. It is not a true measure of your walk with God: This anointing is not a true measure of your walk, state, level or relationship with God. Even if a man is living in sin, this anointing will still manifest. That is why many people are confused today because they see someone, who carries the anointing, committing a terrible sin and still manifests the gifts and the power of the Holy Ghost. This was the reason Samson could sleep with harlots and still carry gates of the city to the hill.

iv. It is not a function of your relationship with God: The anointing upon the calling is not a measure of a man’s true spiritual state with God. Whether you pray or not, this anointing will manifest the moment you are carrying a calling. So, the fact that the anointing is still moving upon you does not mean that your spiritual life is still okay with God. 

v. It can be defeated by the enemy: Do not misunderstand me, the enemy cannot defeat the power of God, but a man who places emphasis upon this anointing and does not develop a walk with the Lord can be defeated by the enemy. That is what we saw in the life of Samson. Even though he carried the anointing, the enemy still defeated him.

  vi. It is not the anointing to walk the road of your destiny: If as a man or woman that is called by the Lord, you want to fulfill your destiny, you must go through the process of God for your life. Joseph carried a calling and an anointing upon that calling, yet the Lord took him through a process. David carried a calling from the Lord, there was a very strong anointing upon his calling, yet the Lord took him through a process. Samson carried a calling and a very strong anointing but did not walk his destiny road.

If you are called of God or you have a specific destiny under God to fulfill, do not minister to others at the expense of your personal walk with God. Always appreciate God for His anointing upon your life but do not make it a basis or yardstick of your walk or state with God.

PRAYER: Lord, I pray for grace to pay attention to my life and my relationship with you so that the enemy will not take advantage of me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Genesis 18:16-19:38, Matthew 6:25-7:14, Psalm 8:1-9, Proverbs 2:6-15