Spiritual leadership drops something supernatural on your head and life. You see this in 2 Kings 2, where Elisha got a double portion of what Elijah carried. A Father will give you:
1.His Spirit:
2 Kings 2:15 “And when the sons of the prophet who were to view at Jericho saw Elisha, they said, the spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha. They came to meet him and bowed themselves to the ground before him.” Elisha got a DOUBLE PORTION of the spirit of Elijah. Anyone who follows correctly qualifies himself for a share of the spirit upon his leader’s life. As a professional, you can do your business with the spirit on your destiny father.
2.His Faith (2 Heb 13:7): 
When you come to a ministry or a man of God, you must know what you are to follow. You are to follow the faith not the fashion of the man of God. The faith that God invested in the original calling on the ministry is to be dispersed into the spirits of each person called to that ministry as they hear the man minister the words God gave him weekly.  Rom. 10:17. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
It is this faith that you use to drive your own life and assignment. When you don’t follow properly in the kingdom, you cheat yourself. THE WISDOM OF GOD IS THE WISDOM OF FOLLOWERSHIP. You can only follow, you don’t know tomorrow. Only God knows tomorrow. God works in your life today preparing you for tomorrow’s challenges and demands.
PRAYER:Lord, open my eyes to see the purpose and the destiny of my kingdom joint in Jesus’ name. Amen!

BIBLE IN A YEARJoshua 16:1-18:28, Luke 19:1-27, Psalm 87:1-7, Proverbs 13:11