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At every point, God comes to test His people before He promotes or elevates them and what determines what you become in God is the tests you pass per time. God tests us to promote and bless us while the devil tempts us to prove that we are unable and unworthy.

There is something significant that God has designed for every human being and it is not the recommendation of man that can take you there but the tests of God you pass. The goal of God in testing us is to test our understanding of and commitment to HIS ways. You need to understand that no man makes or promotes another man in God’s kingdom; it is God that makes way for men. Understand that:

i.It makes no difference how many people want you to have something; if it is yours from the Lord, then you will have it. 

ii.God will use men not angels to lift you.

One of your goals in life everyday should be passing the test of God. He has no problem giving things to His people but His concern has always been things having His people. The sons of Jesse failed the test of God so they could not ascend the throne of Israel. When the first born of Jesse stood before Samuel the prophet; the Lord said to Samuel “I have rejected him”. God had tested him on several occasions and he failed. It was the result of that man that Samuel the prophet saw; he was not there when God was testing him. God will test you whether you know it or not.

Let me show you some of the tests that God will make you go through in life and which you must pass if you will be all that God wants you to be. 

1.The Test of Little Things (Luke 16:10-13)

God will test you for big things with small things. He will test you with a little of what He is planning for you. If you are not faithful with what is little, God will not commit great things to your heart. I believe one of the things that endeared David to the heart of God was how he handled the sheep of Jesse, his father. When a lion and bear came against them and took just one at different times, David did not say to himself “just one will be taken” No! He went against the lion and the bear and rescued them. God must have said to Himself, “If he could protect sheep like this, he will shepherded Israel well for me.” He was faithful with little and God committed much into his hand. God will test a man for spiritual things with physical things.

           2.    The Test of Money.


God doesn’t use the test of money to give you more money, He uses it to qualify you for the true riches of the kingdom i.e. spiritual blessings. Is there any amount of money that will be too much for you to give to God? If there is then, God cannot give it to you. If God will give it to you, He must be able to pass it through your hands. Can God trust you with money? Will you still be a normal Christian if the Lord blesses you with money?

Prayer: Lord, I pray that you will help me to pass your test every where I come across them whether I know it or not in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Bible in a year: Genesis 26:17-27:46, Matthew 9:1-17, Psalm 10:16-18, Proverbs 3:9-10