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Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus started to walk on water too but on the way, he looked at circumstances which have always been there and he stopped. The devil’s goal is to cause you to stop what you’ve started in God, in grace, in faith, in love and in the spirit. Storms of life are designed by hell to help you to go back easily. The wind blew contrary to the disciples because they headed forward to where the Lord asked them to go, but if they turned back, the wind wouldn’t be contrary it will be a great aid! It will help them to arrive at square one with ease.

The devil wants you to stop praying, stop studying the Bible, stop living holy, stop confessing faith, stop separating yourself etc. But remember, you will only be rewarded for completion, not intention.  The “Springback” mechanism came into man’s affairs when Adam sinned in the garden and everything  designed began to go backwards, hence, you’ve got to fight to finish!

Don't stay on one spot, you’ll sink; don’t go backwards you’ll waste. GO FORWARD! KEEP MOVING UNTIL IT IS DONE! You have what it takes to complete it. It is well with you in Jesus’ name.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive grace to finish what I have started in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Ezra 10:1-44, 1 Corinthians 6:1-20, Psalm 31:9-18, Proverbs 21:3