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Please read Joshua 17:1-18, as I take you through a study on those verses and get you into an understanding of how to fight for what is yours.

In the passage, there was an extra lot for the first born and other portions for the rest of the family because the first males were men of war. If you are a man of war you will always get extra portions, but if you keep avoiding battles, the lesser the blessings and resources you will get. If you are not willing to fight for what is yours, it will be transferred to someone that is willing to fight.

In verses 3&4, the daughters of Zelophehad could have kept quiet and missed their portion, but they understood the will of God, and that when it comes to inheritances, gender is not a factor. Religion, society, race and colour may be discriminatory, but when it comes to God, He does not discriminate. Life will only give you what you accept or what you fight for.

Anywhere you find yourself, if you have the word of God inside you, you can fight from inside any hole until you get out. If you get the word of God and you soak it into yourself, you anchor yourself on something you can pull with. In Verse 7, their property increased because those ladies fought. Beloved, be ready to fight.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive my own portion in Life. All that has excluded me thus far, I choose to fight for and walk in my own lot in Jesus’ name. Amen

Bible in a year: 1 Samuel 12:1-13:23, John 7:1-30, Psalm 108:1-13, Proverbs 15:4