Beloved Servant of God,
Greetings of love in Jesus name!

You are specially invited to the upcoming Annual School of Ministry (ASOM) 2017.
Date: 8th - 11th Feb. 2017. (Wednesday-Saturday)
Time:5pm -9pm-Wednesday 
Thursday & Friday-8am-2pm, 5pm-9pm

This year's ASOM is peculiar because I had a vision of the Lord where God revealed to me the Theme :THE MINISTRY OF THE SPIRIT... THE COST OF  IT!

Joining me and my wife to minister are these anointed servants of God-Rev. (Dr.) Francis Olonade &Rev (Dr) John Akpami. 

The Venue is the Dream Centre HQs, Osogbo, Osun State.
Be there... All things are ready!

God bless you!
Rev. Olusola Areogun

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God deliberately chose some conditions to work with so that you can’t take credit for what he does. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that is not conducive for God to work with. You pray and it looks like God is not responding because the conditions are not favorable to Him though it’s favorable to you. In the book of Judges 7, the Lord said to Gideon; the people that are with thee are too many for me. Gideon had 32,000 soldiers on his team, naturally speaking they were not enough to go to war, but as far as God was concerned, they were too many for Him. So, if Gideon had refused and insisted on going to war with the 32,000 soldiers, God would not have gone with him. There are many times we find ourselves in this kind of situation. So, if the condition is favorable to you i.e. the situation looks okay to your brain, God will not work because nobody will know he worked at that time but it is not that He will not work at all. If Gideon had gone to war with the 32,000 soldiers, some of them could have claimed the credit for the victory.

Sometimes, God will remove everything you are hanging on physically until there is nothing for you to hang on to. If the condition is favorable to the devil, of course, God will not work because He wants to destroy the devil. The Lord said onto Gideon, “the people are yet too many”. WHAT IS HE SAYING TO YOU? “The quality of your life will be a reflection of the nature and the ability of your God.” Your faith cannot be stronger than the vision or picture of God that you see. The Bible gives us the correct picture of God and shows us a picture of the God that knows no restraint. Many times we find ourselves in situations and circumstances that men that want to help us have restraints that make it impossible for them to help. Our training, education or resources encounter restraints and barriers which they cannot go beyond.

Sometimes, there comes some situations that doctors say there is really nothing they can do medically and at that point, the situation has moved out of human zone to the divine zone. Just as the human zone is real, the divine zone is real, but if you are going to function in the divine zone, you have to understand from Bible what operates there. When doctor said there is nothing we can do again, that is a restraint on knowledge and science. Jonathan said that, “There is no restraint to God to save by many or by few”. You need to see the kind of odds that God works with, so you can be sure that when you decide to trust or believe Him, you are not deceiving yourself.

PRAYER:Lord, help me to walk through life situations and circumstances with this revelation that there is no restraint to you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Genesis 5:1-7:24, Matthew 3:7-4:11, Psalm 3:1-8, Proverbs 1:10-19