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The life that God has designed and called us to live is a life that is determined by our words. Not a life that has been determined for you, as it were. God gave man the knowledge among all the habitant of the earth to determine his own course of existence by his mouth. When you see something and you say it, you establish it for yourself. You can defeat the devil by keeping quiet actually, if you don’t know what to say even when what you don’t like is happening, keep your mouth shut.

When you see anything and you say it, you establish that thing for yourself. That’s one of the greatest lessons you will find in the bible. With your mouth you confess unto something; if you don’t want it, even though you see it, you can change it. You can determine what you want to replace what you are seeing. That is the right and the power that God gave to man by making the system of the earth a word-based and word-activated one.

It does not matter what anyone is doing, it does not matter what the devil is doing, you may see it but you must not accept it and the only way you will not accept it is by either keeping quiet or contradicting it. So, if you don’t want it and you want something else, then you say what you want; “say it and see it!”

God created heaven and earth, and you must know that since God created, you can also create. God created at the divine level, man is to create at the human level. Animals cannot even create at animal level because they were not made in the image of God, after his likeness. Before you leave this earth, there must be something created on this planet that is credited to you.

PRAYER: Lord, I pray that from today I will speak to my advantage and put your word in my mouth to change events and situations for good. I reject every negative and wrong actions I have activated by my words in Jesus’ name Amen.

Bible in a year: Zechariah 12:1-13:9, Revelation 19:1-21, Psalm 147:1-20, Proverbs 31:1-7