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Celebrating Christmas is the visible way of acknowledging that Jesus came in the flesh. To have come in the flesh means he had to be born. Celebrating and choosing a date for that is an affirmation that Jesus was born. It was God that allowed this universal time to be set. Irrespective of the date you set to do your Christmas it is acceptable, no matter the controversy. If Jesus had not come in the flesh he would not have qualified to stand as our Saviour and pay the price for death.

We must all understand the significance and relevance of the birth of Jesus. Just as some of our parents may not remember their date of birth and that does not dispute the fact that they were born in the flesh by parents. In such cases, we have seen dates being set for the celebration of such person’s birthday. Understand that everything that concerns the person of Jesus is very critical to your faith. Hence, it cannot be treated carelessly. Don’t let your faith be shifted from the substance to empty argument. The devil prefers to argue about the season, date and time of the birth of Jesus aiming at defeating the faith of many; it is a satanic strategy that must never be given a thought in your life.

When Mary arrived at the inn for the delivery of the Saviour, she was told that there was not available room in the inn. She was then taken to the manger. This happened because the people of His days had no revelation of their times and could not perceive the destiny of the child that was to be born. The secret of your strength as a believer will not be in the church you attend but your revelation of Jesus; who you know Him to be and the perception you have of Him. For David, he had a clear revelation of God to a point that God called him a friend. Even at the point of sin and misbehavior, David requested that he fall into the hand of God for his mercies are everlasting. This is a critical revelation of the person of God and His attributes and personalities to David. It shows clearly here that David knew God more than Peter, Judas and the rest of the Apostles knew God.

The truth is that it is the revelation of Jesus that we have that changes us. The increasing revelation of Him that we have determines the depth of our intimacy with Him. It is the revelation of Jesus that brings an increase of your relationship and fellowship with the Father. We must come to God from the right perspective for communion, intimacy, relationship and fellowship.

PRAYER: Lord, I ask for a deeper revelation of Jesus to my heart. I ask that you will bring me into a fresh communion and intimacy with you in Jesus name so that my life can be transformed to your image in Jesus’ name Amen.

Bible in a year: Zechariah 4:1-5:11, Revelation 14:1-20, Psalm 142:1-7, Proverbs 30:21-23