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God wants you to finish the race that God has set ahead of you. However, if this is going to be, there are some things you must watch out for because they will not allow you to reach your goal in life.


Talent is not enough to drive your divine destiny, you need to stay under a God-given coach who will train and equip you under God for your role in life. However, if you refuse training, you will amount to a half – baked cake that is not useful to anyone. Training fine-tunes your gifting, sharpens it and brings out the best in you.

For example, in the world of football, you’ll discover that all talented players who did not submit to their coach did not make it eventually. If you’ll make it, respect training in whatever field of life you are because it will always prepare you for your next level.


Wrong people are those that God has not ordained for you to go on together in life. They are not necessarily unbelievers or wicked people; it is just that God has not chosen them to go with you in life. Take note of this, on your road to destiny, your worst enemy will be wrong people and not necessarily Satan. What Satan cannot accomplish in your life, he will use wrong people to accomplish it because they will always create a conducive atmosphere for his operations in your life. You must understand that not everybody will pass into the next phase of God with you. Some people are only relevant in your past and not in your present and your future. Appreciate them for what they have done and move on. There are those that are relevant in your yesterday, today and future while some are relevant in your future. Identify these people and partition them according to their positions. You don’t have to be emotional about it.

Do you remember the mixed multitude that came out of Egypt with the children of Israel? They caused a lot of trouble for the children of Israel. Whenever the enemy wants to destroy a man, he will bring a man from his past into his present and future. Be careful and you’ll make it in Jesus name.

PRAYER: Lord, I pray that You will help me to give myself to and respect trainings in life in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Bible in a year: Micah 5:1-7:20, Revelation 7:1-17, Psalm 135:1-21, Proverbs 30:5-6