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Prayer is a major means of engaging in serious communication with God. Prayer is a form of ministry that Christ desires from every believer.  It is a sacred and important component of keeping a sound relationship with the Father. In other words, the level at which you are relating and discussing with the Father can be observed by how much you build and manage your prayer life. Prayer is a spiritual work;   it involves labour and real effort. It demands concentration, determination, total sincerity and intense desire. Jesus is our perfect example.

If anyone should not pray at all, it should be our Lord Jesus Christ; the second person of the Trinity, yet He prayed.  He prayed all night and during the day. He prayed privately and publicly. He taught his disciples how to pray.  He is at the right hand of the Father now, still praying and interceding for us. One sure way of developing an effective prayer life is to learn what Jesus taught about prayer.

 Let me show you some critical steps on how you can develop an effective prayer life. 

1. Relationship. A sound prayer life is based on relationship.  Prayer is a communication between   two   personalities   who   are   in   relationship .True prayer Life is built on a sound relationship with the Father. He is our Father and we are His children. One proof  that  one  is  a  child  of  God  is  that  one  has  answers  to prayers. That is one of the things that distinguishes a Christian from an unbeliever; the Christian prays to heaven and receives definite and direct answers to his prayers.

2. Worship. When Jesus was giving His disciples the pattern of prayer, one of the things He taught them to say is, “hallowed be Thy name”.  We must learn how to honour, worship and adore God. It is not only when you are praying that you honour and / or hallow the name of the Lord, it must become part of your life. Do not use the name of  Jesus  in  vain  throughout  the  day  and  come  to  church  on Sunday to  play religion with the name of God and think you are hallowing His name; it just does not work that way, which  is  why  many  people  don't  get  answers  to  their prayers.  Don’t form the habit of praying to soothe your conscience or just as a religious duty. Let there be true worship, true adoration, true honour for the name of the Lord. And the Lord will bless you in Jesus name.

PRAYER: Lord, I pray that you will help me to develop and keep a strong and thriving relationship with you all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Daniel 8:1-27, 1 John 2:1-17, Psalm 120:1-7, Proverbs 28:25-26