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Yesterday I started speaking on how to enhance your sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I will continue in that direction today 

4. Stay away from un-anointed and godless atmospheres. Learn how to create anointed atmospheres for yourself, especially ministers of the gospel through: worship, praise and messages. Learn to sleep with the word of God speaking over you. Don’t sleep with television switched on because programs could change. For example, after dozing off watching the night news, the program could be changed to a horror movie. Whatever channel you tune your television to, the spirit of the program on going can step into your house. Create anointed atmospheres in your car, play messages & worship songs etc.

5. Maintain close contact with authentic gifts and calling of the Holy Spirit. “Iron sharpeneth iron”, always walk with people that can pull you up in the spirit not people than will pull you down. Be careful of ministerial friends who only talk about other people. Cut them out of your relationship. Watch people that after they visit you, your spirit is bubbling and higher and those that after visiting you, you have to repent. When you talk about other people; it weakens and poisons your spirit. Most of the time, when the information is a lie, it brings wrong spirit on you. There is a difference between the spirit in your mouth and the spirit in your heart. The devil is a master at putting strange spirit in the mouth of Christians.

6. When you are not sure about the voice of God in your life, go back to the last place you were very sure God spoke to you. Sometimes in ministry, a lot of things can come at you at the same time that you are worried if it was the Lord that instructed you to do that thing. When couples having issues in their marriage meet me, I ask them if they were sure God led them to each other. If they can confirm that God led them to each other then we start right from that position. The principle comes from 2 kings 6, when the sons of the prophet needed to expand their base and while cutting, the axe head fell into the river. You must understand that the axe head represent the voice of God in your life. The man of God asked where the axe head fell in the river. Where was the last time in your journey that you were sure God spoke to you? If you get back there, you can retrace your steps to where you are.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive grace to adhere to your instructions and principles and keep the Holy Ghost in my live in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Jeremiah 31:27-32:44, 1 Timothy 3:1-16, Psalm 88:1-18, Proverbs 25:20-22