Beloved of God, 

Greetings of love in Jesus name!

The 38th Edition of ALL NATIONS WOMEN CONGRESS on world evangelisation is here!

Psalm 68:11  (Amp) 'The Lord gives the word [of power]; the women who bear and publish [the news] are a great host'.

Date - 14th-15th October 
Time- 5pm-8pm-Friday 
         -9am-3pm- Saturday 

Venue - Dream Centre of the Life Oasis Int'l Church, H.Q., Osogbo,
Be there! All things are yours!

Jesus is Lord!
Rev. Oyenike Areogun

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Battles are not designed to swallow you, take note of that when the devil throws it at you. God will not allow it if you can’t handle it. You can have a glorious experience in the midst of a corporate failure. We have a corporate existence but we have individual destinies. Your destiny is individual and you must not sacrifice that. 

When you get into life situations, you’ll find three classes of people.

•The leader

•The followers 

•The multitudes

You must always identify yourself to know who you are and how to behave. The multitudes are there for the blessing, they are not there for any commitment. Jesus had a plan for His disciples: the followers. This shows you that if you are a disciple of the Lord, He has a plan for you that is different from the plan He has for the general multitude. 

For a person that God is preparing for leadership in life, the mark of divine working in him is intimacy. You must understand the principles of separations and don’t be deceived by the general blessings poured on the body of Christ.

There are people that are generally normal: sinners or multitudes. There are people that are normal negatively but you are abnormal positively. You are carrying two spirits: the Holy Ghost and the human spirit. Somebody has the devil’s spirit and another Spirit. Then the general people just have their normal human spirits; they don’t know their left hand from their right hand. The bible says the natural man does not understand the things of the spirit. Know who you are and always practice the principle of divine separation. It will help you finish well

PRAYER: Lord, from now, I experience the commitment of Jesus to His followers, I practice the principle of divine separation and finish well in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Jeremiah 23:21-25:38, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17, Psalm 84:1-12, Proverbs 25:15