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For any man to live a successful life, there are two most important issues that such a person must master in life: how to live by faith and how to be led by the Holy Spirit. 

The first key to being led by the Holy Spirit is to acquire a born again spirit. This is what awakens a man’s spirit to be able to commune with the Holy Spirit. If you are born again, you have a spirit given you by God that can hear Him and lead you aright in life’s situations. 

The Holy Spirit bears witness (communicates) with us through our born again spirit which is not the spirit of bondage but the spirit of adoption which leads us into sonship. A person who is not born again cannot have the experience of being led by the spirit. 

Originally, when God created man (Adam), God was the only source of man’s information. This changed when man fell and man began to be introduced and opened to other sources of information. Knowing this, it is important to note that the source of spiritual information received is more important than what the information supplies. Any spiritual information that you receive must pass the test of the question that God asked Adam, “Who told you?” – The source. Any source of information contrary to the voice of God is the cause of man’s problems. Your ability to settle the “Who told you?” question determines your success in life. 


A successful living hence, can only be attained by your reconnection back to the single source of information that God intended for man – God Himself. There is a spiritual dimension of life that education or natural training cannot answer. The truth that there is an original shows that there is a fake. Man is a spirit being, we are spirit beings mastering the human experience and not just human beings trying to understand spiritual experiences. This understanding is important if you will successfully operate with your spirit safely. There are spiritual information from God or from the devil. You must tune your ears in the Spirit to know God’s voice and obey it.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive a baptism of sensitivity in my spirit to know your voice and separate it from every voice and operation of the devil so as to follow your ways in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible in a year: Isaiah 28:14-30:11, Galatians 3:23-4:31, Psalm 62:1-12, Proverbs 23:19-21