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No matter how spiritual you are, whenever you remember the person that offended you, it dampens you somehow. That is the goal of the devil. He wants to shut down your spiritual flow and cut you off from the flow of the anointing through offences. Even Doctors have found out that offence is one of the most toxic emotions that human beings can tolerate and it leads to many life-threatening diseases.   So, avoid offences, run away from it. Offences will definitely come. What I do personally when I wake up in the morning is to forgive people even before they offend me.

Somebody somewhere will do something bad to you or disappoint you. Forgive in advance anyone that could offend you. On a special day, take note of the offences that come your way. Between you and your wife, you could notice that things are not just blending. Maybe you are extra moody and your wife is also extra moody. Whenever that happens, it is either God is bringing a major blessing or the devil is bringing a serious battle.
Offences make your spiritual sensitivity blunt and make your faith lack the capacity to take off at all. So, forgive! That is the weapon against offences. You might still feel bad even after forgiving the person that offends you. Forgiveness and the feeling of offence are two different things. The devil has confused many people by telling them that if they have forgiven their offender, they should no longer feel bad whenever they see the person. It is the same way as when God heals you, you may still feel the symptoms. The symptom is not the same as the healing. Forgiveness is a decision of your will, it is not a feeling. You should however not wish evil for that person. Whenever somebody hurts you, it is okay to feel bad because what that person did was not good but the claim of justice that you have for that person to pay is what you transfer to God. Vengeance belongs to God; you transfer your right to vengeance to God by forgiving that person.

Prayer: Lord, deliver me from the spirit that takes offence. Purge me Lord from every offence, purify my heart oh Lord… I forgive in advance everyone that would offend me in Jesus’ name. Amen
Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 32:1-33:13, Romans 15:23-16:9, Psalm 25:16-22, Proverbs 20:16-18