BECOMING VICTORIOUS IN THE BATTLES OF LIFE 2 - I Samuel 17:38, Mark 4: 24; Luke 8:18. Hebrews 13:5-6


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Our God does not raise cowards in His kingdom and that is why He has effectively equipped His children so that we can triumph in the battles of life. As children of God, we are not to fight for victory, we fight from victory because Jesus has conquered for us, we are just to go and do our part to take the spoil (Romans 8:37).

The following is the next point we need to consider in order to become victorious in the battles of life.

Take heed what you hear. 

What you are today is a product of what you have been listening to before now. Study and understand words. Learn the use of words. Words transmit forces and spirits. The spirits ruling your life are the results of the words you have been exposing yourself to. Start filling your heart with words that matter before words that shatter come. Words can either shatter your confidence or build it. When you come to church, write down the prophecies on the tablet of your heart. Fill your spirit with them. We have heard words all our life and they have produced who we are, and if you are going to change, you must change what you are hearing. Your story will change when what you are hearing changes. Your church should feed you with the right substances for life and destiny. Be careful what and who you listen to because you will ultimately become what and who you listen to.

Vocalize your faith in order to activate the forces of God for your life 

Your faith will release the forces of God into your life but this will not happen until it is vocalized. Faith is the greatest creative force on the earth. And every born-again person has it but having it is not the same as releasing it. Fill your heart with words of life before words of death come. Don’t wait until some thoughts or some doctors’ reports come. Let a divine report be already rooted inside your heart. David had something inside him greater than what Goliath was speaking. 

I want you to know that all the promises of God for your life are voice activated and they will remain dormant in your life until you start calling them forth. Whatever the devil is bringing into your life contrary to the promises of God for you will not change until you start speaking against such. This weapon is very critical for winning in the battles of life because all other weapons are connected to this and that is why you need to manage it effectively for you to have an advantage over the devil.

Prayer: Lord, I receive grace and the consciousness to align my ears to hearing the words of the kingdom and my mouth to activating my faith to birth the will of God in my life and my day in Jesus’ name. 
Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 26:1-28:27, Romans 13:1-14, Psalm 23:1-6, Proverbs 20:11