BECOMING VICTORIOUS IN THE BATTLES OF LIFE 1 - I Samuel 17:38, 2 Corinthians 10:3-6


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There are lots of things that God has provided for you as His child but you will need to fight for them before you can lay hold on them and many of God’s people have ended lesser than what He has ordained them to be because they were not ready to fight for all that God had for them. I will show you some things you must know in order to be victorious in the battles of life. 

Identify early, the course that you will live for in life

When you identify the reason behind your life early, you will spend the rest of your life managing that choice. Great people live for a course beyond their stomach. Until you can tell God a greater reason than your stomach to bless you, God will not directly bless you. He will bless you through somebody else.

Sometimes because you are chosen by God for something great, there will be certain things that will not happen for you or to you the way it is happening for other people. God allows this in other to purify your motives, change your attitudes and fine-tune your desires.

Sometimes when God is developing you for greater leadership in life, He doesn’t do things for you as quick as He does for other people because the ones that will provide greater leadership must have deeper thinking. If God is going to use you for something greater, He is not going to be working the way He works in every other person and that must make you look deeper and look farther. The tendency of immaturity is to think that something is wrong with you because God is not answering your prayer as fast as that of every other person. God is not committed to your comfort; He is committed to His purpose for your life. He is not committed to your reputation; He is committed to His counsel for your life. If His counsel for your life would mean that you lose your reputation, He would make you lose it. Going to  prison was part of the purpose of God for Joseph to get to the place he was going. So if you are only looking for your comfort, many times you will lose the eternal purpose for your life.


The experience that God takes us through will determine the instrument that is going to be produced. When you want to produce a spoon and a cutlass, the heat that would go into the two would be different. So whatever the Lord is taking you through it is because of what He wants to make out of you and you have to have the end in view so that you go through the process correctly (Hebrews 12:2).

Prayer: Father I receive a divine awareness andawakening to your program and process for my life. Help me to walk worthy of my purpose  and become all you have destined me to be in Jesus’ name. 
Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 24:1-25:28, Romans 12:1-21, Psalm 22:19-31, Proverbs 20:8-10