UNDERSTANDING FAITH 3 - Hebrew 11:1-6, Phil 1:28



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The father of John the Baptist was not praying out of faith but praying out of the covenant relation he had with God as a Jew. This is the reason why he could not believe when the answer came to him from God. When you bring your reason to the arena of life, the devil can reason you out of your solutions. Whatever medium God chooses to use to bring your solution, it will still require faith. Fight a good fight of faith and resist the devil steadfastly. Once the devil separates you from faith, he has defeated you. No matter how many things fail in your life, if your faith does not fail, then you will bounce back. God is concerned with the direction of your faith. Make sure that your faith does not fail.

When God is working, you get the result and may not see the process. The devil discourages the faith of many people through the process; he makes them focus on the physical- feelings, symptoms and other things. God never takes from you but restores back to you when you have lost anything. No matter how bad your situation is, faith gives God room to work, it chokes the devil and his operations. When Peter stepped out in faith and walked on water, it was fear that shut down his faith and brought him into a sinking situation before Jesus intervened by grabbing his hands.

Natural faith works by sight. God’s kind of faith does not see before believing. Whenever you are dealing with God’s offer, your reason will reject it. This is because your reason fights it. God’s kind of faith offers us divine outcome and the last word. It helps you to see through the eyes of God and obtain divine results. Without faith you can’t fight for the promise of God to you. Your faith is what switches on divine power in your favor. Be it anointing power, healing power, breakthrough power, promotion power and so on, it is faith that switches on the power of God in your direction and favor.


What you need is not more faith but more understanding of how to work the faith that you have. Your faith can grow but more importantly is how to work your faith. Your faith was given to you by God to walk with Him and change situations and circumstances on the earth. Faith is a divine force in your life.

Prayer: Lord I receive the baptism of the spirit of understanding so that my faith can grow and not fail in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 19:1-20:37, Romans 10:14-11:12, Psalm 21:1-13, Proverbs 20:4-6