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You will never outgrow warfare. You must learn to fight. Life was designed by God for warriors. If you don’t learn to fight somewhere you will be a victim in life. Warriors are possessors. You may not have been involved in some battles of life but get prepared and learn how to fight.

You will never outgrow instructions. So learn to listen to God and men of wisdom whenever you meet them. Get spiritual and natural wisdom in different fields of life. One of the marks of a fool is that he doesn’t respect instructions. Nobody will outgrow instructions. Even when you reach the level of life where you are giving instructions to people you will not outgrow instructions yourself, so learn to listen to your own instructions while you are giving out instructions. Sometimes instructions that are neglected or overlooked can be extremely costly on the road of life.

You will not outgrow disappointment. Learn to cope with them and roll with the punches. One of the laws of life is to expect disappointment and you will not be is only those who are not expecting disappointment that get disappointed. Somewhere in life someone will disappoint you. 

You will not outgrow relationships. You won’t get to a place where you will say I don’t need anybody. God has designed our world to be a world of relationships. Here relationships are critical. Even Jesus when he was here physically chose the twelve. Even God needs man on the earth to accomplish divine purpose. You must learn how to connect. For a man to be alone, God said it is not good. In terms of beauty and functionality it is not good. No matter how good, gifted and excellent you are, you cannot make it alone. Your ability to manage relationships and connect appropriately will enhance your fulfilment of divine purpose on the earth.


These are four lessons you must learn and master so as to prosper in the program of God for your life.

Prayer: Lord grant me grace and divine help to connect to the right relationships for my destiny. Train my hands for war and help my heart to hear and obey my instructions.
Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 4:1-6:11, Romans 7:1-13, Psalm 17:1-15, Proverbs 19:22-23