Beloved of God, Greetings of love in Jesus name! We thank God for making you a partaker of grace at these end times. WEB OF WISDOM MINISTERS CONFERENCE is here again! Date: 18-20, August 2016(Thur-Sat). Time:5pm-Thur & fri, 6am-2pm-fri & sat. Venue: Dream Centre of LOIC HQs, Osogbo  Don't miss this face to face encounter with God! Come, All things are ready! Jesus is Lord! Rev & Rev Mrs Olusola Areogun

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“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you”

You cannot cast your care on God beyond the level of your faith. It takes faith to cast cares and burdens upon the Lord. As your faith grows, your capacity to interact with the God you don’t see will increase. Your ability to depend on God on the day of trouble is tied to your faith life. The major problem of believers obtaining help from the Lord in the days of trouble is that of Faith. God does not look at your physical bank account before He gives you blessings and divine advantages; rather God looks at your faith account. how robust is it?

There are seven accounts that have been opened for every child of God and that requires daily filling up and activation..

1.Obedience Account

2.Faith Account

3.Wisdom Account

4.Relationship Account

5.Calling Account

6.Anointing Account

7.Proof Account

The truth is that these 7 accounts were opened for you as a child of God the day you got saved. It is now your responsibility to nurture and service these accounts. Your relevance in the program of God will depend on how well you service these accounts. 


God does not ask us to struggle when we come to Him. The struggle comes not because of the strength of the devil but because of the feebleness of our faith. God relates with us at the level of our faith and other accounts you are nurturing not at the level you have positioned yourself. If your wife has more faith than you, God will give her more instructions than yourself. The things of God cannot be copied, but can be built through intimacy and faith.

Prayer: Lord, I choose to nurture my accounts and build a life of faith and obedience as I journey with you in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 1:1-3:17, Romans 6:1-23, Psalm 16:1-11, Proverbs 19:20-21