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Envy: wanting what somebody else has. It is the resentful or unhappy feeling of wanting somebody else's success, good fortune, qualities, or possessions. If you allow envy in your heart, it can turn you into murderer.

The blindness of envy made Saul seek the life of David until he lost his throne. It made Lucifer attempt usurping God’s throne and it also moved Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus Christ. It promotes comparison, competition and soon you lose your peace completely. The blindness of envy despises what you have and blinds you to it and instead makes you conclude that another is better than you. Therefore, you don’t see what you have until you compare and compete.

To succeed in life, you must avoid every form of envy. Don’t ever get into competition; instead we are to complete each other because we are all different. Run the race set before you. Compete against yourself and not another. Sometimes, when I start preaching softly, somebody may say, “What does this man have to say?” But I’m not going to change because that is how God has formed me for His purpose. My wife is different because she operates in the office of a prophet and she can easily break up any atmosphere with the manifestation of the Spirit upon her but I don’t envy it. I have never wished for that because regardless of how the atmosphere of a meeting is, what God placed on me will open the door.


Never envy what another has, whether their resources or life or grace. I am me and you are you. We are different, just as an orange is not better than a mango. You only need to sharpen what God has given you and complement others around you. As soon as you receive that truth in your spirit, you’ll overcome this dangerous blindness.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You because you have blessed me with spiritual blessings in the heavenly places. I receive the heart that appreciates Your donations in my life. I pledge to be a completer and not a competitor in Jesus name, amen.
Bible in a year: 1 Chronicles 19:1-21:30, Romans 2:25-3:8, Psalm 11:1-7, Proverbs 19:10-12