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The key issue between you and myself is not that we like each other, it is that God located us together. The day might come that you will need the power of your location to survive whatever situation you find yourself in. Every help that God has for you is waiting for you in the place of your location. Too much prayer is a sign of wrong location. If many more Christians will service their divine location correctly, their needs will reduce. Who is going to raise prayer force or power for you? It’s in your location. Years ago when I started ministry, travelling round the country in obedience to God, I asked the Lord, “What will happen if somebody comes to the meeting with a problem that my anointing can’t handle?” He said, “Do you think I am as stupid as you are? Do you think I will allow a situation to come that your anointing cannot handle?” From that day, it means nothing to me what the case is, if God arranges a case when I am ministering, then there is enough of God’s power present to handle the situation.

There are needs and problems that God has allocated for you to solve. When you say you have a calling, you must understand what a calling does. Satan is on the loose on the earth. There are two things that are in the world: needs and assignments. Satan is on the loose in the world creating needs- spiritual, mental, political and all kinds of needs; God gives assignments. Needs come from Satan.  God created us and put gifts inside us. He knows the reason behind the gift He put inside you while creating you. Two kinds of gifts that everybody has: natural gifts and supernatural gifts. Everybody is supposed to have two. Most people have one. You cannot bring natural gifts to deal with the needs that Satan created. So God can look at a particular man and say, “I want you to do this for me. That is your assignment” When God says so, he matches your gifts with an assignment. That is called calling. When He sees a need that Satan has created and he says, “I want you to meet this need for me.” that is also calling. So we see calling in two dimensions. 

Prayer: Lord, I receive the baptism of divine awareness of divine location in Jesus name. I embrace every gift to work out my assignments to meet needs on the earth in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: 1 Chronicles 7:1-8:40, Acts 27:1-20, Psalm 7:1-17, Proverbs 18:22