OVERCOMING THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY 3 - Acts 3:1-3, Mark 10:46-52


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 The manifestation of the spirit of wealth is the overabundance of the things that you need to fulfill your destiny. The measure of the grace upon your life is seen on what you are doing. It’s the invisible force that’s upon you. If you don’t work, grace will not work. The spirit of poverty will attack grace.

You can have inheritance around failure or success.  Before grace you do minimal activities. The spirit of poverty will make you to disrespect the things that give life. If God calls you a name and you don’t fulfill it you are a failure. You are to work at the level of what’s been said about you. The spirit of poverty will make your need your focus but the spirit of wealth makes your seed your focus. The spirit of poverty empties people of their opportunities. It’s time to move from provision to resource control, walk in the land at the level of your prophecy and not at the level of your certificate or the economy. 

Joblessness is the manifestation of the spirit of poverty. It will make an anointed man not to see a way out. That spirit fights your help. When a Pastor has that spirit resisting him, it is already resisting his members. That spirit will make you attack what you need with your mouth. The spirit of gossip operates through envy; it’s the wings that the spirit of poverty is using to operate in the lives of people. It reduces nations to the status of beggars.  It will cause a person not to break forth and it will strip a man naked until he’s got nothing. It’s the spirit of uselessness; it made Esau to sell his birthright for porridge. It makes a man to look for the easy things first; it makes you not to respect time.

Develop a saving culture. Save in trickles and spend in bulk. The spirit of wealth will not make you to save. 2 Corinthians 9:8 is the opposite of the spirit of poverty. The spirit of prosperity is God while the spirit of poverty is the devil and they are both controlled by your mouth. The spirit of poverty wants to cut you from every good work. It’s the mission you are executing that’s a problem to the devil. The devil does not want you to be involved in good works on this planet. By the time you leave this planet how many orphans will say, “Thank God you came to this planet”? Who will break into joy because you did something? The spirit of poverty does not want you to be the answer to someone’s prayer, it’s behind selfishness.

Prayer: Father every area I have invited the Spirit of poverty with my mouth and joined myself to it, I renounce it today and I invite the Spirit the spirit of poverty in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: 1 Chronicles 4:5-5:17, Acts 25:1-27, Psalm 5:1-12, Proverbs 18:19