OVERCOMING THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY 2 - Acts 3:1-3 , Mark 10:46-52


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 Until you start thinking, nothing will change. There are no hopeless cases but hopeless thinkers. Your environment is a manifestation of your thinking. God does not service or sponsor poverty but there are people that will service it. Money is not the solution to poverty, anyone that claims he has money problem should know that money is not the problem, there’s a spirit condition that you have to deal with.

The mission of the spirit of poverty is to deprive mankind of all, anything that we need to fulfill and 

location B. The spirit of poverty does not first of all have to do with money, it does not make you to respect the word that has come “TE MI A SE SE”, it doesn’t make a man to respect “THUS SAITH THE LORD”. It blinds the hearts and minds of men to their prophecy.

The spirit of complete our God-given destinies in life. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour it can destroy a name. The spirit of poverty is behind sexual perversion. It’s a chameleon spirit, but with a singular mission!

The spirit of poverty is behind the singleness of many singles, it will give a lady strange ideas until her season passes. That spirit will hide some ladies because it knows that if she marries, it is in trouble. It can deprive you of something or all that you need to become for your destiny to gain fulfillment. 

It is the anointing that some people need. The spirit of poverty will cause couples to have problems that will not allow them to build anything together.  It will hinder them from fulfilling their marriage destiny. That spirit will use sickness or wrong thinking. For instance, instead of a person to stay in location A, he’s tied to poverty will give you an excuse for your problem and it will make you a permanent captive. Men will only service your condition, they won’t solve the problem.  Let God change your life and not people dropping change for you. What you really need now may be in your life already and it is not money, it may be your spouse.

Lack, shortage and insufficiency describe this spirit around the things that you really need. They eat up divine supplies; where God is the supplier, the spirit of poverty is the drainer. Where God is the multiplier, the spirit of poverty is the divider. Where God meets critical needs the spirit of poverty introduces critical needs.

Prayer: I take authority over the source of the spirit of poverty in my life, I root it out of my affairs in Jesus name and I connect my life to the Spirit of prosperity and abundance in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: 1 Chronicles 2:18-4:4, Acts 24:1-27, Psalm 4:1-8, Proverbs 18:16-18