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There are some critical truths about the supernatural that you ought to note:

•Nothing in the supernatural manifests in the physical realm until it has a body to manifest through.

• Every supernatural activity or manifestation has specifications, thus it is not every human being that can experience the supernatural though they can observe it and see it. Experiencing the supernatural requires supernatural permission. It is your individual responsibility to make sure that you merit the door to cross into the supernatural. 

•Not every physical structure can give the right body for a supernatural operation to manifest; so you have to find the right physical structure and system to give the right body for the supernatural to happen.

You can only see the effects of the blessing and not the blessing itself. So always respect the invisible side, don’t just be fixated on the physical side. A Compact Disc (CD), for example, is a body that can carry the supernatural. As the generations have progressed, the tools for gathering and preserving the moves of the spirit and anointing have become more sophisticated. May the anointing of the historian rest on men so as to preserve the moves of the present for the future generations.

When God created human beings, He did so for man to be the defence of the earth against the devil. God held man responsible in the garden not Satan because Satan cannot take over anywhere if the right man is in place there. God needs human effectiveness to manifest fully, while Satan needs human ineffectiveness. For instance; your behavior releases spirits: good or bad.

God is not a waster. He is a multiplier but not a waster. If He cannot guarantee that what He wants to release will not be wasted, then He will reduce it so as to eliminate wastage. 


What capacity and ability will you bring to God to manifest the supernatural? What preparations are you going through now that will condition you to be a preserver and maximizer of the moves of God in your day? These are some of the questions that must be settled for you to be a manifestation of the move of God in your day.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be a preserver of your move and doing and not a waster of it. I choose to embrace the divine programme of God for my life to manifest the supernatural in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Bible in a year: 1 Kings 3:3-4:34, Acts 6:1-15, Psalm 126:1-6, Proverbs 16:26-27