WHAT YOU MUST BRING FOR GOD TO WORK WITH (1) - Isaiah 66:1-3, 1 Sam 17: 32-54.

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The stories of the Bible are not the only things that happened between God and His people, but God selected the stories for the bible by His wisdom, in such a way that all of those stories contain all the principles that we will ever need in any generation to have the same experiences manifested in our lives. We will not have to duplicate those stories but when we make use of the principles that each story highlights to us, we can have the same manifestations of God. You may not have to face a 13 feet giant Goliath, but you may have to deal with an ancestral problem that is a Goliath in your life and the principles that worked for David in that story will do the same for you today. 

One of the things that touches my heart when I look at the life of fathers, whether the fathers in the bible or the fathers in our contemporary day, is that they were or are not necessarily the most brilliant men in their time. They were not the most handsome among men, they were not the most attractive in the physical sense. In fact, God said of Israel, “….you are not the most populous or the most powerful nation, but I have made a contract and covenant with your fathers.”  

It should touch your heart that what exactly did God see in those fathers that made Him cut a covenant to walk with them? It’s not just enough for you to say, “God, I want you to duplicate the stories of my fathers in my life.” He’s will not do that because there was something God saw in the fathers that made Him walk with them that you too must get into your life. Have you ever wondered sometimes when you see some men of God who do not speak too well or whose appearance is not too exciting but then, God works with them and you wonder why?

Prayer: Lord, work into my life today those things that attract you to a man’s life. Lord cultivate in me a heart you can work with in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: 2 Samuel 13:1-39, John 17:1-26, Psalm 119:81-96, Proverbs 16:6-7