ANOINTED TO STAND STRONG - Luke 1: 26-35; Isaiah 42: 19-22

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God calls us in one or more of these three realms of life namely family, governance and ministry. If you are called to one or more of these three realms, you must find out which one is your higher calling. Mary was called into the realm of family, apostle Paul was called into ministry while Joseph was called into governance. Your calling determines the roles you will be required to play in life.

The Holy Spirit anoints us to be successful in our different roles, callings and assignments. Just like the evangelist cannot do effective ministry without the anointing, it is high time husbands and wives knew that they need the anointing to succeed in their roles. God created the offices of father, mother, husband and wife and you need an anointing to function there.

When the angel told Mary “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee,” he was literally saying “you will be anointed to do that” because giving birth without copulation requires an anointing. If you stand in a role in government, you need the anointing to stand strong and successful there. Anyone can speak English and stand before a crowd, but it takes the anointing for a preacher to do his work successfully.


Under a calling, you can have different assignments tied to it. In a church, everyone will be blessed but some will be blessed above others to finance the ministry that they are a part of. Esther won the beauty contest because of the anointing upon her. For anything Christian to succeed on the earth, you need the anointing because a righteous man that is not anointed becomes a prey for the wicked (Isaiah 42:22).

Prayer: Holy Spirit, anoint me for my roles in life and destiny and give me victory in my generation in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year:  2 Samuel 12:1-31, John 16:1-33, Psalm 119:65-80, Proverbs 16:4-5