UNDERSTANDING ETERNAL LIFE 1 - JOHN 1: 1-14; Act 20: 9-10, 24

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If a man is not born again, he is not alive yet. Most people assume life means the same thing everywhere- on earth, in heaven and hell. When someone asks, “are you alive?” What does he mean? And what does God mean? As far as God is concerned, you came alive when you got born-again. 

Natural life is the life you have lived naturally which is your biological age; Divine life is the life you are given at redemption or when you got born again. As far as the bible is concerned, there are three kinds of life that concerns us:

1.Biological life/human life which is carried by the human blood:

Apostle Paul was referring to human life in Act 20:10, 24. Your blood is such a precious and special thing. Blood is sacred everywhere because of what it means and carries, whether in righteousness (scripture) or occultism.

2.Satanic life which is carried by sin and disobedience to God: 


There is a satanic life that energizes everything of the devil. Demons and behaviors that are contrary to God are driven by satanic life. This satanic life is not carried by the blood of man. It is human life that is carried by the blood. There is a satanic life that is opposed and contrary to the life of God. If you touch sin, you are inviting the satanic life. Satanic life did not originate from the earth but from the spirit when satan sinned. Have you heard about the phrase “Adamic” life? There is nothing like Adamic life (sinful life).  God gave Adam human life. What people normally refer to as Adamic life should actually be called satanic life. When Adam lost his relationship with God, He received an injection of satanic life. A person that has human life also has the capacity to carry either satanic or divine life. Which one will you carry to your generation? Satanic or divine life?

Prayer: Lord, in the name of Jesus, I release my vessel(Body, spirit and soul) as a vehicle to carry divine life to my generation. Every area of my life where I am falling victim to sin, I receive deliverance today in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: 1 Samuel 12:1-13:23, John 7:1-30, Psalm 108:1-13, Proverbs 15:4