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Eternal life is God’s own life, the life of God in us (Zoe). This is the nature of God in us. It speaks of the quality of life God has given every Child of God to live.

Everlasting life is the extent of life, that is, the quantity of life. The life form of every human, no matter the race or color is the same. No man has a natural life form that is superior to the other, meanwhile, the capacity to train the life form is different for individuals.  It may look like some color or race or personalities appear better than others, it is not so. It is just that the exposure and training that form of life has been exposed to is superior.

Demonic life or satanic life is referred to as “death” (separation of existence from life). God told Adam “…in dying you shall die…”; Now that eternal life has come through redemption by the blood of the Lamb, that scripture then reads thus, “in living you shall live”.

There is no limit to the life of a man that has come in contact with eternal life. If man had not fallen, the human life would have duplicated heaven on earth – doing the will and purpose of God.

A Christian’s life must be separated into 2 phases of existence:

a)When you were born naturally 

b)When you became born again

You need to consider the difference between these two phases; for instance, if you were born 50 years ago and you got born again when you clocked 40, this means that you have lived 40 years of natural life dominated and subjected to manipulation by the satanic life through thoughts, patterns of life and possibly societal influences(traditions and cultures). The description of this life is what the bible referred to as “flesh” which contends with your spirit. This leads to a struggle between practicing what is right from the bible and what is wrong, which is a reflection of the fleshly nature. How well you expose the eternal life in you to training and use will determine the strength it develops to overcome the flesh and empower you to live right and do the will of God for your life.

Prayer: Lord, I unleash all the possibilities of eternal life locked up in my life in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: Judges 21:1-Ruth 1:22, John 4:4-42, Psalm 105:1-15, Proverbs 14:25