Join Us to Celebrate the 33 year of Heeding the Call of Our Father Rev Olusola Areogun On the 14th May 2015 at the Dream Centre Headquarters, Km 4, Gbongan Osogbo Expressway, Dream Centre Bus Stop, Osogbo. - Time : 10am Your Calling will receive a boost from God. Also be at the May Edition of our "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" Service on Sunday, 15th May 2016 at the Dream Centre Headquarters, Km 4, Gbongan Osogbo Expressway, Dream Centre Bus Stop, Osogbo. - Time : 8am Come and meet Jesus that makes difficult things Easy.

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For every born again Child of God, nothing is free again. The only thing that was free is salvation itself that Jesus paid for. You will have to see yourself in school with the teacher, the Holy Spirit. You may not know that you have been in school all these while. One of the marks of an examination is that the teacher that taught you is not permitted to speak while the exam is on.

The church services and special meetings that are convened are the formal school settings of the kingdom. The informal settings of the kingdom are the times that the Holy Spirit takes you through various things and through various unconscious teachers.  You will have many unconscious teachers in life but you must never be an unconscious student. You must be a conscious student because you are in school;Life is a school. 

There are three kinds of tests we take in life:

1.The tests of God: Designed to promote us.

2.The tests of man: Designed to identify us and 

3.The tests of Satan: Designed to fail us. 


The Holy Ghost has been given to us to equip us for each of these tests. There will be men that want to check whether you are authentic or not. Christianity and the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to prepare the believer for these three kinds of tests. When the devil shows up, his test is to shake you and sink you. He has no good intention for any child of God but the truth is that the Holy Ghost will always come ahead of the devil to give us tools to work with. The Holy Spirit imparts our spirit with grace and power to handle men and the devil. Until you come to the awareness that the Church of God is the School of the Spirit you will not take your lessons seriously.

Prayer: Father, I choose to take my instructions and lessons in the school of the spirit seriously from now on. Help me to align and adjust my heart to accommodate the dealings of God in my life in Jesus name.
Bible in a year: Judges 17:1-18:31, John 3:1-21, Psalm 104:1-24, Proverbs 14:20-21