Join Us to Celebrate the 33 year of Heeding the Call of Our Father Rev Olusola Areogun On the 14th May 2015 at the Dream Centre Headquarters, Km 4, Gbongan Osogbo Expressway, Dream Centre Bus Stop, Osogbo. - Time : 10am Your Calling will receive a boost from God Also be at the May Edition of our "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" Service on Sunday, 15th May 2016 at the Dream Centre Headquarters, Km 4, Gbongan Osogbo Expressway, Dream Centre Bus Stop, Osogbo. - Time : 8am Come and meet Jesus that makes difficult things Easy.

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A walk in the supernatural is the most expensive on the human body; it will cost your flesh but people receiving the fruits or results of it will receive them free. If you are lazy you will not be able to contact the power and the glory of God. Whenever God sees His sons who are ready and willing to pay the price for His power, He releases it unto them.

Secondly, the power of God does not just come on the basis of need, it comes on the basis of trust. God gives His power to his servants to meet needs though He will have to trust them first before He can commit Himself fully to them. What you need to do is a heart check of what can prevent God from trusting you with His power. Increasing manifestation of the grace and power of God comes through trust. Sometimes, He gives you a taste of what He wants to commit to you but it is basically a test of trust – how much of the test of divine trust are you passing or failing? Whatever you have now in your life and ministry might be a fore taste of the real substance of divine power awaiting your test score.

 Most times, God will like to see how much of your flesh has been crucified in order to carry His power. Years ago, God told me to be very careful of testimonies. The reason is very simple: testimonies have the tendency to put you under the pressure of performance. Unfortunately, God is the performer while you are just a carrier of the anointing. Let God trust you with the true and authentic move of your day. 

Never fake the power and the anointing of God. Don’t copy it and don’t fake it. Once you start faking it, you will not be qualified to carry the authentic. It is the impartation of the divine that births power not by faking it. Some people have even entertained familiar spirits as they started faking the moves of the spirit. Competition, pride and ego can bring a child of God and even a minister of the gospel to this point. This is a danger you must flee from as you grow with God. Learn and find the divinely laid down steps to qualify yourself for the divine. Be a conscious student in the school of the Holy Ghost so that you can find the hidden secrets of how to contact the power of God.

Prayer: Lord, I open myself up to the impartation that will birth your genuine power in my life.I receive grace to pay the price for the supernatural power of God, for the people of my vision and  destiny in Jesus’ name.
Bible in a year: Judges 13:1-14:20, John 1:29-51, Psalm 102:1-28, Proverbs 14:15-16